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5 Easy Steps to Sustainable Living at The Farm

Moving to the countryside might be a difficult decision to make, especially if your former background was related to a big, hectic city. However, more and more people, fed up with the daily stress and polluted environment from the big cities decide to quit on their former lifestyles and start small, yet sustainable living somewhere more quiet, to the country side.

  • If you are one of these people and you still do not know how your sustainable farm should look like, here are some easy ways that will help you both save money and keep the environment clean:
  • Start a sustainable business. No matter if you choose to plant your own organic fruits and vegetables or breed animals, your new preoccupation should be suTam Le, at left, and Mai Vu, center, both from Vietnam, take turns learning to drive a tractor following the tutelage of Cindy Martinell.stainable and green. Think that you will not only feed yourself with fresh and organic products, but you will also be able to sell them at local markets or grocery store and help creating a more sustainable lifestyle among people.
  • Save energy. Caring for the environment is caring for your health and pocket too. Close the light whenever you leave a room and unplug all unnecessary tools and electronic devices unless you constantly use them. This will also save you big money or your monthly bills and help diminish the footprint upon the environment.
  • Save water. What better way to save water if not use rain water instead? Next time it rains make sure you have prepared a few large vessels to store the rain water and use it afterword in the garden. You can water the veggies, give it to the animals, wash your lawn, and even wash yourself using rain water. Other ways to save water is to plug the sink whenever you have to wash your dishes or the vegetables, close the water while you brush your teeth or shower less.
  • Out with the chemicals, in with the naturals. Another way to enjoy the rural life is to try and do as many things on your own as possible. This means you will not need chemical pesticides or detergents in your household, but you can use the miraculous properties of vinegar and baking soda.

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