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Advantages and Disadvantages of Organic Farming Methods

With the emergence of Organic Farming methods a number of farmers in USA, UK, Australia, and India and across the world have been diverted to it from traditional farming. The rising demand of organic food is also a factor which influences the farmers to use this technique. If you are interested in this type of farming then surely you want to know the advantages and disadvantages of organic farming. For you information, I’m going to shed light on all positive and negative aspects of Organic Farming, so you can decide whether to opt it or not:

people interested in organic farming

people interested in organic farming

Advantages of Organic Farming:

Easy Transition: One of the main advantages of organic farming is the easy transition that’s mean if a farmer wants to switch to this kind of farming from the conventional farming then he can perform this job quite easily. There is no complexity involves in such transition for the farmer.

Production Boost: When the farmer starts using the organic method of farming then he observes a production boost. The reason of this boost is the usage of crop rotation, compost pits, and manure. In traditional farming, the farmer utilizes the pesticides and artificial fertilizers which do not enhance the fertility of soil and to some extent these things adversely affect it.

Saving: Saving is another advantage of Organic farming. There is no need to spend a lot on chemical pesticides and industrial fertilizers when a farmer goes for organic farming. According to a study, this type of farming reduces the production costs of the farmer and therefore many people like to adopt this method.

Soil Nourishment: Soil nourishment is also among the vital advantages of organic farming. Farmer doesn’t use the chemical in organic farming and therefore some microorganisms, which are responsible for nourishment of soil, remain alive. On the other hand, in traditional farming the use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers kill them and soil doesn’t get the essential nourishment.

Biodiversity promotion: If a farmer used organic farming method the he doesn’t need to care about animals as they never bring problem for him. They can graze with freedom and live of farm. This method based on the concept of biodiversity promotion idea so no need to restrict animal and other organism. I think it is one of the best advantages of organic farming because it provides great freedom to everyone i.e. farmer, animal, micro-organisms and many more.

Revenue Generation: Another advantage of organic farming is more revenue generation. The demand of organic food is more than that of its supply and this factor boosts up the price of organic food. Therefore, when the farmers sell the organic foods in the market then they earn more income. High income is an important advantage of organic farming due to which many farmers turn toward this method.

Healthy Alternative: Organic Food is a healthy alternative of traditional food. When the consumers start consuming this type of food then they notice positive change in their health. For producing organic food, a farmer never used synthetic substances which have toxic and unhealthy residual. Surely, it is considered as the biggest advantage of organic farming by the health conscious people.

Undoubtedly, you want to see the disadvantages of organics farming after reading the advantages of organic farming; so continue reading.

graphical scheme of organic farming in europe

graphical scheme of organic farming in europe

Disadvantages of Organic Farming:

Lack of Convenience: One of the advantages of organic farming is the difficultly associated with this process. Traditional farming is convenient because in it you need to buy the fertilizer and pesticides and then to employ them while in organic farming you need to create a compost pile or to rotate the crops

Time Consuming:

Organic farming method is time consuming and it is one of the biggest disadvantages of organic farming. The farmer has to maintain the greater interaction for getting good results. It is a labor intensive job and for a single farmer it is somewhat unsuitable.

Chemical Alternative’s info: For operating this type of farm, a farmer must have a complete understanding of organic alternative of chemicals. He should possess this kind of knowledge if he doesn’t then he is unable to tackle different problems at ease. Unfortunately, every farmer doesn’t have such knowledge and skill. Due to this disadvantage of organic farming, many farmers prefer to do conventional farming.


From the above discussion whereby we added pros and cons to the organic farming methods, it’s very clear that the technique has lot of advantages and a few disadvantages that can be overcome by little effort from farmers’ side. So, Organic farming is no doubt best in its application, you just need to upgrade your knowledge to get maximum benefit out of it!

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