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Center Pivot Sprinkler Irrigation System; Pros and Cons

Unmanned irrigation Systems

Center pivot sprinklerare the latest trends that has developed in the irrigation system in a very great manner. These irrigation systems are operated with out a man. These center pivot sprinkler are the systems which work based on the timer that is pre loaded in its circuit which helps it to sprinkle daily at a particular time in the day and in the evening. This ensures that no crop gets dried because of the lack of water supply to them. This also maintains the productivity of the crops in a field. This type of irrigation systems are used in fields which are basically round in shape.

center pivot example

center pivot example

Center Pivot Sprinkler

In this type of irrigation system the sprinklers spray the water from a huge nozzle that is mounted on a center pivot through which a pipe runs through. This pipe carries water through it. Some fields also add some fertilizers which are water soluble and they are sprayed in the fields directly. There are many advantages in this type of irrigation system. Some of the systems also use the moisture and temperature sensors of the environment and in the sand. By sensing these parameters the computer system embedded in the irrigation system could come to know when and where to irrigate, thus controlling the parameters and the health of the crop that is produced in the field.

center pivot sprinkler image

center pivot sprinkler image

Disadvantages of Center Pivot Sprinkler

Any system in the world will have both advantages and the disadvantages in it. This holds good for center pivot sprinkler also. Some of the disadvantages of the sprinkler are that this is not suitable to irrigate a large field which is in a shape of a rectangle or a square. This is because the sprinkling takes place in a circular area only. Hence if you have a square field then the corners of the field will not be sprinkled thus causing malnutrition and maldistribution. And another disadvantage in this system is that some of the water and the fertilizers that are sprayed after atomizing are sometimes carried away by the wind if the crop field is situated in a windy region. These may again lead to improper distribution of the water and the fertilizers to the crops. Also there are more chances of these atomized particles to evaporate into the atmosphere hence loss of water directly and fertilizers in a very large amount.

Article Summary: The circular shape of the irrigation system can also lead to less cultivable area and the maintenance cost for this type of irrigation system is also very high compared to the conventional type of irrigation system.

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