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Comprehensive Guide to Growing Quince Tree

Introduction : Turkey has been ranked as the first country to produce quince fruit in the world. The other countries that stated as the main native of these quince fruits are Iran, Georgia and Armenia. And it was later aware of the people in Roman, Greek and other countries. In olden cities of Greek the quince fruit was being offered during the occasion of the marriages. Romans will have the culture of having these quinces fruits pulp with honey. Quince fruits will have several kinds of sweet and savor items to cook and can be eaten by raw or baked.

By consuming the fruit regularly help to increase the vitamin c content in the body. The cookbook will have more varieties of the quince recipes even in earlier days. The outer portion of the quince fruit should not be used. Only the pulp like fruit inside the fruit should be used for cooking and baking. The inner seeds of the fruit should not be consumed. It can also be eaten with sandwiches like butter and cheese. Cooking or baking of the fruit will takes very longer time to change color to red which is then ready to eat.

Cut Quince

Cut Quince

Planting the Quince Tree

The supportive temperature to grow such quince plants should be below 7 degree Celsius. It will grow well in later stages of winter period and at early period of spring season. It is very difficult to find quinces everywhere like it was located in olden days. Even today green people treat this fruit is having a character of fertility. In historical days quinces are so popular and cultivated in Christian era.

  • Planting quince tree is believed as a sign of fertility
  • Choosing of clay like soil is a must
  • The space should wide like landscape to plant this quince trees. The size of the tree is in normal size.
  • The life will be more than eight years. The trees will be stronger.
  • The cultivator would show more interest in working with the garden, which will have the quince plants fragrance.
  • The seeds can be planted and also the possibilities of the growth are cross cutting of the trees.
  • The trees are very attractive when it holds the fruits on the branches. During the spring season, the quince trees will blossom with beautiful pinkish white flowers, the yellow apple like quince fruit will surely be a feast to the eyes.
  • Most suitable climate for quinces trees are southern parts and England is the best place too ripe after harvested.
  • Cutting down damaged woods in the trees helps a lot.
  • Flowers will blossom during spring season.

The elderly quince tree will have the ability to produce more and healthy fruits. Using the method of cross-pollination can also use the branches of such trees for plantation. The experts in the field of gardening would suggest a desire to grow a single tree like quince will be enough to get more yield in the future.

Growth Process of Quince

Flowering Quince

Flowering Quince

The garden lovers and the have followed to plant and grow quince trees.

  • Grown well in southern areas of Europe especially in summer
  • Belong to the family of self pollinated
  • Selection of a proper location is very important with very lower humidity
  • More water consumption during season of its growth
  • Require only very less attention and care during off season time
  • Cross pollinating of the branches can help to grow more quinces tree
  • Proper utilization of suggested fertilizers should be must
  • Nutrient mixed soil helps to grow faster and get more yield
  • Vegetative is less than the fruit growth

The fragrance will be more in the month of June every year. The beautiful colored flowers like reddish while and pinkish white. The growth of the leaves in the bushy like quince plant will be formed in an alternative in nature. The irrigating quince trees two times in a week will help a lot to get very good matured fruits during harvest season. The growth will also depend on promoting the necessary safety measures. In Japan the quince plants will be like a shrub and will be different from a quince tree. Growth of apple shaped and a pear shaped quince fruit plant will be growing in a different temperature and the growth rate of the plant is steady and strong. High and healthy growth of the quince plant will be made it easy by cutting the affected branches of the plant and applying enough irrigation facility.

Fertilizing of Quinces

The soil should be checked normally before we plant every plant. The soil should be fertile in order to grow plants to gain more profit after harvesting. By doing the soil test with the authorized agent in the local area will help a lot.

  • A well dig hole to plant the quince should be relevant
  • Soil should be slightly and gently loosen with mineral and nutrients
  • Application of fertilizer to quince tree should be slowly started
  • Should follow the instruction and put as the suggested measures
  • Evenly spreading of the fertilizer should be necessary
  • Combination of Iron, magnesium and Zinc will be very good
  • Twice a year applying fertilizer should give healthy growth
  • Calcium is necessary in the fertilizer

The excess usage or under usage of fertilizers for the quince plants will result in overburdening to the plant and many tent to give lesser productivity. Proper fertilization during the months of January and June will give enough nutrients to the plant. The quince tree with low nutrient will not give much yield during the period of harvesting. Irrigating quince tree two times a weekly will be sufficient in the initial period of plantation. Based on the water consumption, the quince plant produces healthy fruit. The growth of immature fruit will be the result because of the poor watering or no watering of plants whenever it is necessary.

Quinces harvest in a basket

Quinces harvest in a basket

Harvesting and Uses

The well-grown quince trees will give life to healthy and sweet fruits. These fruits can be harvested during the sunny times. The fully-grown up quince fruit will be very sweet and fragrant. The garden in the ripened quince fruits will have a beautiful blossom.

  • Ripped quince fruits will be harvested off the tree
  • Well-grown fruits will have sweet fragrance
  • Harvesting quinces are getting dried in the sun light
  • Ripened quince fruits can also be consumed like apple and pineapple
  • Greasy or gel like solution circles over the seeds will be used to make cosmetics
Quince Flower Wallpaper

Quince Flower Wallpaper 1280 * 800

The seeds surrounded by the thick layer of the coat in the center of the quince fruit are considered as little bit of poisons in nature so it is not advised to east. Well-harvested and ripped quince fruits pulp can be added with curd and taken as a salad. Quince jam is very famous dish in Turkey and Hungery. A dry quinces soaked with salt water will give a good taste of sweet mixed with sour. Many people in Switzerland will be using the quince fruit as one of their digestive criteria. The quince fruit has been considered as the paradise fruit, which has been given by Eve to Adam.

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