Drip Irrigation Fertilizer Application

A drip irrigation system delivers an exact same amount to each root of the plants at the same time. If you add fertilizer into the water, it means you deliver an exact same amount of nutrients needed by your plants at the same time. It is called drip irrigation fertilizer application.

With drip irrigation fertilizer application, you deliver just enough fertilizer to meet your plants requirement. No more waste. How come?

Drip irrigation fertilizer application can be adjusted to a very dilute ratio of fertilizer and water up to 1:1000. It can also be stopped and restarted at any time. Thus, it will not waste any “leftover” fertilizer, creating an environmentally friendly fertilizing system.


A drip irrigation fertilizer application system consists of a tank to hold the fertilizer solution, a control valve built into the tank cap and tubing to connect it to your drip irrigation faucet. A connection with hose threads is sometimes included.

Type and Amount of Fertilizer

Any dry or liquid fertilizer can be used as long as it is water soluble and have no small particles that may clog filters or emitters. Both organic and synthetic fertilizers are suitable with this drip irrigation fertilizer application system.

Any amount of fertilizer prescribed can be used. Therefore you can use a proper amount of fertilizer, whether your farm is big or small.


Add a valve to the faucet before attaching the drip irrigation fertilizer application system. It is to prevent the fertilizer solution backflow that your water supply is safe.

Take a special precaution too if the drip irrigation system extends to the ground higher than the faucet.

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