Drip Irrigation System for Row Crops

Drip irrigation system is a great way to conserve water and soil nutrients. In short, it is a great way to save the earth.

It is globally recognized that a drip irrigation system is the best way to water a garden or a farm, providing just enough (not too much, not less) water for flowers, vegetables, vines, baskets and other row crops.

Drip irrigation system for row crops is increasing throughout the globe. This method is basically applying irrigation water in precise location and amount, thus offering the potential of increased profit due to reduced water, fertilizer and cultural costs and increased revenue due to increased yield.

One of the main components of a drip irrigation system is drip tapes. Many drip tapes are now available to purchase in the market. You can find a range of tape diameters, wall thickness, emitter spacing and emitter flow rates.

Initially a tape with 16 mm diameter was the only one available. But now you can even find diameters ranging from 10 mm to 35 mm. The larger diameter tapes, the longer rows you can irrigate. It ranges from 400 m to 800 m in lengths.

Wall thicknesses generally range from 4 mile to 15 mile. As for emitter spacing generally ranges from 51 mm to 762 mm. It offers wider range in tape discharge rates as well.

Drip tape can be buried or installed on the soil surface. Installation equipment is now available, helping you install a drip irrigation system for row crops even more easily.

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