Dujiangyan irrigation system – The oldest man made marvel post image

Dujiangyan irrigation system – The oldest man made marvel

Food is the basic need for the human race to survive in this plant. These can be obtained from many different ways. For example hunting and fishing are some ways to gather food for the survival. But the best food of all is the crops and vegetables as they contain lot of good stuffs and that too in adequate amount for healthy life. But for growing these, a man should take proper care of them such as to provide good place to culture on and mainly good irrigation system. The irrigation in the early period was very difficult as they had to cut down many trees on their way and to provide path amongst the rocky terrain. So many irrigation systems were just a few feet wide which could irrigate only some acres of land. This was not sufficient to irrigate a huge area of about hundreds of acres of agricultural fields. This was the time during which the Dujiangyan irrigation system can into picture.

Dujiangyan irrigation system



This irrigation system was designed and implemented first in the china in the middle of 200 B.C. This is one of the oldest irrigation systems and this is still in function these days. They are the major source of water for many fields in china. They are placed in the min river in china. This irrigation system has a major function to regulate the flow of water. That is, during the rainy season they need to store the water so that they can manage the next summer season. This river was selected first as fields which are situated in the banks were flooded often in a single year. So the best method to stop this is by building an irrigation system in its banks.

Secondary function of the irrigation system

The irrigation system’s secondary function was to divert the flow of excess water during the rainy seasons which caused flooding of the agricultural fields. These were also used for transportation purpose. Some



military persons or vessels travel through this irrigation system only. This is because this is the cheapest way to move on as they need work to row the boats as they will move downstream along with the river. By implementing these irrigation systems, the Chinese were also able to solve the problem over water between the neighboring agricultural field owners.

Article Summary: The best irrigation system that the world has ever seen is the Dujiangyan irrigation system which is still functioning in proper order. As they were made of natural materials like wood and bamboo stick they still stay intact to serve their function.

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