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Water to crops is equally necessary compare to the food for humans. Crops convert the water and the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere for converting into the glucose which is available in the form of seed and granules in the crops. Hence if we need to have a good crop cultivation then it is very important that you provide a good irrigation system to the fields so that the crops get enough amount of water to convert them to starch and glucose. A good irrigation system provides water to all the plants in the fields. The best irrigation system should distribute equal amount of water to all the crops. No crop should get less amount and no crop should get more amount of water. As if a crop is provided with more amount of water then they many lead to soil erosion and the crop may not have nutrients in the soil to grow, thus limiting the productivity of the field.

Some methods of irrigation by farmers

installing jaime irrigation pipes

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Water is distributed by either using power or just simply by means of gravity. The water is distributed by gravity automatically thus requiring no external power. This type of method is mainly used in hilly terrains where the terrain is inclined in nature thus giving way for automatic powerless irrigation. Some other innovative thinking has lead to another type of irrigation called as the drip irrigation in which water is injected directly into the root part of the plant so that they can absorb the water in very less time and hence can produce the crops in a very fast manner. This can also be added with the injection of water and fertilizers and other essential nutrients into the roots of the plants directly as if the fertilizers are sprayed in the soil then there is very less chance for the plants to absorb the fertilizers.

Disadvantages in irrigation system for farmers

irrigation charicature

irrigation charicature

Gravity cannot be used in very inclined regions as they can cause large amount of soil erosion that too in a particular piece of land. Also it will be difficult to cultivate crops and harvest them in inclined placed. They might cause fatigue to the farmers who harvest them. The disadvantage in the drip irrigation system is that the initial cost becomes too high that it can not be implemented by poor farmers. This can also be implemented only over a large piece of agricultural land.

Article Summary: Although there are many techniques which are used to cultivate crops in large quantities, the demand is still high than the produced goods. The farmers are developing more and more irrigation systems to cope up with the increase in the demand for the food supplies and the crop cultivation.

Resource Box Info: This article describes various irrigation process followed by the farmers in a place where the annual rainfall is usually less compared to other place in the country.  You can visit the following site to get more information about the irrigation systems of the farmers .
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