Greenhouse Fertilizer Applications for Winter

Essential use of greenhouse glass:

In terms of active plant growth in the greenhouse, one can find winter to be the calm season. But there still a plenty of work to be done in between the sun rise and sun set of each upcoming day. The growing plants should be protected from the cold frosts. All the shading works should be perfectly cleaned when one is preparing for winter. To let in more of light in the greenhouse glass, the greenhouse glass should be kept clean. The growth of the plant slows down as the winter begins and lot of patience is expected until the day begins to lengthen again.

Greenhouse heaters:

The greenhouse heaters are checked then and then to make sure that the heaters work effectively. For one to keep things warm the greenhouse can be insulated with bubble-wrap and this is termed to be one of the most inexpensive ways. It will greatly help in reducing heating bills too. To provide floral display all throughout the year, perpetual carnation is required and this can be enabled all with a temperature of about 7 degree during night time.

Shut down of ventilation:

Ventilation is a very important factor for greenhouse fertilizer applications during winter season. Free ventilation is allowed but one should check carefully and prevent the cold breeze from entering into the greenhouse glass because it can chill down many things. Therefore one should shut down their vents quickly before the temperature falls in and becomes very cold. During windy or foggy days when the climatic condition is extremely cold outside, the greenhouse could be kept closed. And if this condition persists the green house should be insulated so that the growing plants could be kept safe from the heavy freezing cold.

Winter watering:

There are lot many chances for the soil to dry out, during this time winter watering could be done. Winter watering is not to be done often, because if too much of water is supplied it can sometimes damage the roots and cause lot of problems especially in the tender growing plants. So it is always better for us to keep the soil slightly dry and in good light to avoid damaged circumstances.

Care for plants:

A special care for plants should be always given. At the very beginning of winter the plants should undergo outstanding potting and cuttings of fuchsias and pelargoniums could also be potted. If these hardy plants are potted up in winter then we could expect flower blossoms very much earlier. A wide range of bulb varieties could also be potted out this way and one could definitely wait for an early blossom. Many green house plants namely begonias, gloxinias, could be sown by the month of January or February. An early rise in temperature could result in the sowing of early cropping vegetables.

Care against fungal attacks:

When the frost is too high the winter green house provides refuge for a great number of flowering plants. Although the flowering plants are highly dormant, we should check those plants occasionally so that the compost does not get dried off. These flowering tubers or bulbs should be examined periodically to check whether it has got any sign of attack of fungus. It is also checked occasionally to see whether it is rotten. If it is rotten or if there is any sign of fungus then immediately these flowering tubers or bulbs are discarded and destroyed. Generally pests don’t seem active this season, anyways it is better to check out for whitefly or vine weevil throughout this season. The fertilizers used in the garden frame plays a very important role in acclimatizing plants raised under the glass to a least controlled external environment.

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