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Common Greenhouse Pest Identification, Management & Control

Greenhouses are gaining sufficient importance in the recent years. People are ready to adopt new techniques of plantation that tends to involve some amount of initial investments. As in any plantation, there are opportunities for the entry of pests. One needs to know more about the common pests that attack the plants that shelter under the greenhouses. The entry of pests in the ambient atmosphere within the greenhouses can lead to several other complications related to the growth of plants.

a small rat picture

a small rat picture

Greenhouse Pest Control

Greenhouse pest control involves the effective management of pest control techniques for elimination of the common greenhouse pests. Several techniques adopted in control of green house pests involve the use of sprays to control spread of pests. Certain insects involve use of soap preparations to wash off the green parts of the plant. Organic chemical scan also be sprayed to nullify certain pests.  Constant monitoring is required to make sufficient control measures for plants in green houses. Life cycle of certain pests is to be carefully monitored in order to plan for effective control methods. Development of the beneficial insects can be solution to tackle certain pests. The predators can be used to stop the attack of pests like aphids.

various aphid races

various aphid races

Common Greenhouse Pests

The common greenhouse pests involve aphids and scale inspects. The morphological features of the insects vary depending on the habitat that it survives. The common greenhouse pests like fungus gnats require presence of moisture around the plants, which encourages the growth and spread of fungus gnats. These tend to occupy the soil surface drying up all the organic matter present in soil. This greatly affects the growth of younger plants. Providing interrupted water supply can provide the pests inaccessible. Also the plant can be offered great defense by doing so. Sticky traps can be used to prevent the entry of some common greenhouse pests.

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