Mushroom Growing Kits and Equipments

Growing kits, Equipments and Spores of Mushrooms – A Featured Article

Mushroom is one of the food products that can be very beneficial to human beings since it can provide a wonderful diet. Growing mushrooms at home is a very easy process provided the person is well acquainted with all the methods and process of growing mushrooms. Though mushroom growing is quite simple it requires sterile environment and good level of care is essential to ensure rich yields. Mushroom growing can further be made simple with the usage of mushroom growing kits and equipments that will simplify entire process and increase the quality of mushrooms.

Mushroom Growing Kits

Mushroom Garden

Mushroom Garden

There are many varieties of mushroom growing kits that are available and each one of these can be efficiently used to produce excellent quality mushrooms. With these growing kits, there is no necessity to purchase mushroom spores from outside. The main requirement for growing mushrooms includes spores, pot soil, and syringe. There is also need for food solution to enable the process of spore formation in mushrooms. All these features will be present in any mushroom growing kit. The shape of the mushroom enables it to have large number of growing points and thus enables it to multiply in a fast manner. This point where the multiplication of mushrooms takes places is known as inoculation points and more the number of inoculation points faster the growth of mushroom. The inoculation points can be made using foils and string of wire. Some of the popular mushroom growing kits include the macrodome mushroom growing kit, casing mushroom growing kit and automated mushroom growing kit

Macrodome Mushroom Growing Kit

The macrodome mushroom growing kit can be dominantly used for mushrooms in fruiting phase. This dome shaped structure provides excellent environment for growth of mushrooms and also can support large volumes of mushroom spores due to the geometry of structure. The dome is made up of durable plastic that will catalyze the growth of mushrooms. Any spore that is treated using bag culture can be excellently supported by macrodome growing system. Also the compact design of macrodome system enables the person to store it in corners. There is also a wheel that is fixed at the base allowing simple movement of the entire structure when necessary in working condition. One of the best features of this kit is that it will increase the humidity inside the dome and hence provides favorable conditions for the growth of mushrooms

Casing Mushroom Growing Equipment

This is the most successful and popular method of growing mushrooms. Using this kit, it is possible to obtain larger mushrooms fruits that will be resulting from mycelium. The mycelium to be used in this process is obtained by inoculation technique of rye grain. Later the spawn of mycelium is covered with casing, this results in formation of larger mushroom fruit. This is obtained because the mycelium thinks it is running out of food because of the casing that has been added to it. This kit includes half gallon jar rye grain, one bag of casing soil. This kit can be used effectively for producing high quality mushroom fruit

Spores of mushroom

Garden of Mushrooms

Garden of Mushrooms

One of the most important things in mushroom growing is spores of mushroom. It is essential to use the best quality mushroom spores in order to increase the chances of obtaining high quality mushroom fruit. The spores of mushroom can be produced by process of inoculation wherein the division of mushroom takes places in the inoculation points. The inoculation points can be created anywhere due to the favorable shape. Spores of mushroom production require the usage of prints, syringes. The print is usually foiled in which the mycelium will be placed. The spores of mushroom will be produced in sterile lab conditions such that the spore will be least affected by the environmental conditions. Spore vials are also required in spore production process. About 5 ml of spore vial will be required to be injected using the syringe to enable inoculation.
All these mushroom growing kits, equipments are sure to greatly simplify the process of growing mushrooms at home such that you will never have to depend on external stores for buying mushroom fruit. It is necessary to select the best kit and equipment to obtain the highest quality mushroom fruit.

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  • Ahmet Korkmaz January 25, 2010, 21:54

    Why we have to be the best at agriculture ?

    Look at those article, all of them better than they are : )

  • vern January 25, 2012, 01:06


    I love your web page, and had a few questions for you. I am in the
    incubation stage. I have 18 total jars inoculated. Twelve were
    inoculated 11 days ago, and six were done 6 days ago. After mycelium
    started to show, I read that a higher temp would speed up the
    spreading process. I raised the temp from 79 to 86F. I was trying to
    reach 90f, then I read
    that this can cause all kinds of problems and returned it to 79f. I
    think it stalled the growth for a few days. Is this possible.

    I also inoculated the jars in two wholes opposite each other, so my
    growth is say at 0 and 180 on the 360 degrees of the circle
    circumference. In reading about cloning, I think I read where people actually
    shook the jars to break up the mycelium growth, and spread it evenly
    around the jar.
    Would that be something to do in my situation.

    Lastly, some of my jars are half covered, some maybe a third, and
    some maybe only an eighth. I’m referring to the 12 that have been
    incubating for 11 days. So their is a very wide range in the amount
    of mycelium growth from jar to jar. What, if anything should I do?
    What do I do when 1 or 2
    are ready to start the fruiting stage, and 10 need possibly another
    week. The only thing I can do is start the two I guess. Why the
    difference in growth rate?

    One more thing, I read about casing for dummies. This being my first
    time, but it sounds as though it really increases your yield. For a
    first timer, would you say give it a try or get a few crops under my
    belt and grow from there.

    If you could respond to my questions I would greatly appreciate it.

    Thank you,

  • Yaw Wisdom Vinyo October 25, 2012, 18:17

    I am mushroomer from Ghana. Ghana has a big potential for large scale mushroom including oysterproduction. I am looking for partner for joint venture in Ghana for international market. if u are interested contact

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