Growing Onions, Maximizing Output

Growing Onions, Maximizing Output

Onions are one of the most popular vegetable that forms a very important form of daily diet. This is an extremely versatile crop that can be used throughout the year. Onion is the first crop that can be harvested in spring and they can be stored for whole of winter. These crops are highly adaptable towards home garden conditions and it is possible to raise high quality crops. Onions can be consumed either in raw or cooked manner and this forms an important culinary product.

Sowing of onions

Onions can be grown either with the help of seed or with sets. Using sets for growing of onions will have its share of advantages since there will be reduced risk of attack from pests. Though onion sets will be slightly more expensive than seeds, this option is capable is capable of providing you efficient results that will produce healthy crops. If you have decided to sow onions seeds in drills, it is essential to make 2cm depth hole an should be paced 1 inch apart. If you are considering growing in rows, it will be better to space them with 30 cm gap.

Another important requirement is to maintain soil in damp condition when the seeds are sowed. You can check condition of soil a day before sowing of seed and water soil if it is not wet. For sowing of spring onions, you can place them during April and repeated staggering of plant should be incorporated to obtain continuous harvest during growing season.

Soil conditions


Onions plantation prefers soil that is slightly on acidic side ( pH 5.5 to 6.5). Range of soil conditions can support growth of onions ranging from heavy clay to sandy loams. There will be better growth if plating is being done on firm soils. If soil lacks moisture retaining properties, it is essential to make use of manure and organic compost.

Tending of plants

Tending is an important process that will enable more amount of light to enter into this plant. Tending is a process of removing various kinds of weeds that grow between the spaces of plant. When the plant is being grown through seeds, tending should be done when plant reaches height of 5 cm.

Harvesting of onions

Onions are ready to be harvested about one week from the time leaves start to fall from plants. You can make use of fork to lift plants and remove bulbs, as well as make sure that skin does not get damages to maintain good freshness.

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