Guide to growing acai berries

Acai berry is a superfood that is capable of providing supreme weight loss benefits. There are many other rich benefits that can be offered by this fruit to improve the overall conditions of the health. Many people are looking at the option of growing these acai berry trees at their home. Acai berry is a native of South America and certain parts of Central America. If the climate at your place is similar to those regions, you can experience rich growth of plants that will deliver good output. If you are living in region that is prone to experience frost conditions, you should consider the option of greenhouse farming. Presence of nutrient rich soil and acai plants or seeds is all that is required to grow these plants in favorable conditions. Some of the growing techniques and aspects such as seed germination, post infancy plantation, usage of compost, greenhouse protection, harvest of fruits and many others are illustrated. You will surely be able to obtain wonderful yield of acai berries with the help of these suggestions and growing methods.

Germination of seeds

Acai berry seeds can be purchased through agriculture center or other horticulture units present in your home. You can also purchase these seeds by making an online order. Once purchase is made, you shall have to take proper care to germinate seeds in suitable conditions. It is essential to soak the seeds in warm water for a day or two till it gets properly soaked in water and enough moisture gets absorbed in the seed. After the process of soaking, transfer seeds into wet soil. The soil must be maintained warm during next weeks such that appropriate conditions for prosperous germination of seeds will be provided. Sprouts will appear within next few days and it should be covered with warm container. If you have chose the option of germinating seeds inside your home, it is advised to provide suitable warmth to the seeds. It can be provided with the help of warm lighters or also with the help of ordinary desk lamps. The seeds will develop into red spikes within next two weeks. Leaves will start appearing upon next few weeks. Under appropriate and ideal conditions, ninety to ninety five percent germination rates can be obtained.

Transferring germinated seeds into pots

After post infancy period, the germinated seeds containing some leaves shall be transferred to the pots. Acai berry which natively grows in tropical rainforest conditions usually prefers wet soil with sufficient level of warmth. Another important requirement for growth of this plant is low light conditions. If your residential location falls under high intense light area, you should make use of special arrangement that brings down intensity of light level to a good extent. You can also directly purchase post infancy acai plants from agriculture center near your home. This plant shall be planted directly in pots. The palms should be watered in regular and frequent manner to provide good exposure to water. It is also essential to water plants on continuous basis since it will be of good use to maintain proper wetness.

Usage of compost

Compost that fertilizes acai tree to a good extent should be used regularly. This will provide proper nourishment to the plants overall and establish healthy growth. Compost should be selected in such a manner they will contain all kinds of nutrients or most of the nutrients that are being supplied to the plants in the natural conditions of tropical region. It is also essential to provide good level of protection for the plants that grows in frost prone region. The acai plants that are being grown in the region of Gulf of Mexico and southern regions of Florida are prone to get attacked due to frost. Proper protection for these plants can be provided with the help of wrap around the plants. This will prevent frost from sticking onto the plants. Suitable warmth shall also be provided with the help of exterior source. Greenhouse can be preferred in regions of cold conditions. Temperature similar to that of tropical conditions can be maintained with the help of this technique. Proper ventilation holes should be present in the greenhouse to accommodate proper air circulation. If you are goring this acai plants in regions similar to tropical climate, the care required is much less when compared to indoor and greenhouse growing options.

Harvesting acai fruits

Harvesting Acai Fruits

Acai berries belonging to grape family are capable of growing up to 25 meters high in the tropical rainforests of Brazil. In tropical conditions, it takes around 4 years for the plant to produce fruit. In sub tropical condition, harvest of these acai fruits can be achieved during fall period. Under normal conditions, acai berry fruits can be harvested in one year or around. After harvesting these fruits, it is essential to consume these fruits within 2 days. If you are willing to use these fruits for many days, some special techniques should be used to store these fruits such as flash cooling options that are done in specialized places. You will surely be satisfied in a great manner with the help of wonderful diet produced by these fruits. The fruit diet is available in many forms such as juices, concentrates, pulp, capsules, tablets and many others. This fruit is well known and famous for its ability to serve as a powerful antioxidant. Toxic waste in your body can be removed with the help of this fruit.
When this acai berry plant is planted with special care and dedication, you are sure to obtain rich yield that will taste wonderful. Even if you are living in conditions dissimilar with tropical conditions, methods such as indoor growing and greenhouse farming makes it possible to grow these plants in a good manner. You will surely be benefited in a great manner with the help of this wonderful fruit that will offer multi nutrition effect. This guide will surely be of great help to enable you to grow your own acai berry plants. Now, you need not depend upon external sources for acai berry products rather you have an excellent option of eating acai fruits grown on your own farm.

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    is acai berry really belongs to a grape family? coz its tree looks like a palm tree to me…i've wikied it…it is a palm berry…

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