Guide to Growing Peach

Peach is heralded as the “Queen of Fruit” and it is not exaggeration to say that Peach is the most delicious and yummy fruit. You are free to eat it as a fresh fruit or as a mixture of fresh cream, sugar and other fruit. Many kids like to eat the peach flavor ice cream, pan cakes and pies. The most popular uses of peach are jam, jellies, and fruit deserts. Although you can get the fresh fruit from the market but it is indeed exciting for you to grow it at home. Today, I’ll guide you different steps which you need to following for growing this fruit.

Step No: 1 Site Selection

It is the first and the most important step. The result of your planting mainly depends on the selection of site. Peach is a fruit which needs full exposure of sun for ripping accurately then never select a site which is shady somehow.  The best site for the peach is one which has high elevation and well drained sandy loam type soil.

Step No.2  Soil Preparation and planting

Once you have selected an adequate site for the peaches then next thing to do is to prepare the soil for planting. At this point you must note that you have to prepare the soil two years before the planting. The reason behind this long period soil preparation is to modify the pH level of soil and also to see the changes in the organic matter and nutrient status of it. All such modifications let you to get the production of tasty peaches.

Bed for peaches should be 5 to 6 feet in diameter. You can prepare it by cultivating 10 to 12 inches deep in the land.  You need to add organic matter into this bed. Once your soil is prepared then you can move a head by planting the tree in the center of this soil. Always keep the bud union 1 inch above the soil so that fruit can grow in the best manner.

Step No.3 Training and Pruning

This is the most crucial step in the growth of the Peach. You should start training and pruning from the year of planting. In the first year, you need to remove diseased, broken and low-hanging limbs so that you can obtain the well balanced framework of scaffolds as there would be proper sun light for the tree.

In the second and third years, you have to again remove the low-hanging limbs with an intention to maintain the open vase. In short, you need to follow simple principle i.e. maintain the size and shape of mature tree by removing dead , broken and low-hanging limbs.

Step No.4 Thinning

During the years without frost and freeze damage, you need to remove the largest fruits which  are as large as a quarter. The purpose of this removal is to provide enough space for the remaining fruits. This fruit thinning will let the fruits to develop a normal size , color and taste.

Step No.5 Fertilizer Application

After planting the bud, you need to apply 1/2 pound of 10-10-10 fertilizer or its equivalent 7 to 10 days. You need to apply the same amount after 40 days of planting. In second and third years you need to change the amount  from ½ to 3/4 pound of 10-10-10 and you need to apply this fertilizer in March and May.  After the maturity, you need to spray 1/2 pound of 10-10-10 fertilizer in March and May.

Step No. 6 Pest Control

Peaches are prone to disease and insects’ attack therefore you for getting the best fruit at the end, you need to use the effective pest control program. You can find the detail of pest and disease control program on the web.

I just hope that with the mean of these steps you can grow the delicious queen of fruit at your home.

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