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Heating Greenhouse in Winter to Protect Vegetables from Cold

Modern day lifestyle has taken its toll on agriculture. People are forced to cultivate in large numbers to suffice the ever-growing population. Also tremendous improvements in the field of agriculture have raised the overall productivity by large number. Also one can have greater yield from a particular land. Improved seeds and irrigation methods have brought greater interest among the cultivators. Also irrigation methods like drip agriculture, has been welcomed by people all over the world. Though its capital cost is quite high. The running cost involved is manageable and also can yield huge benefits for the cultivators. Researchers have also developed newer ways of cultivation. These cultivation methods have produced amazing results in past two decades. Greenhouse cultivation is one such unique discovery that had revolutionized the thinking of common man. There are some cultivation methods that are suitable only for particular location but greenhouse cultivation can be adopted in any region of earth provided it receives enough sunlight.

Greenhouse cultivation

Greenhouse cultivation can be regarded as cultivation of variety of crops within closed room entitled by glass walls. Also roof of greenhouse would offer better gateway to sunlight. Basic ideology of greenhouse is that to trap the heat generated through sunrays and making it available for the plants to survive on it. Also there are quite unique advantages provided by greenhouses for the plants within glass walls. The heat retaining capacity of greenhouse has indirectly activated the plants. It had stimulated metabolic mechanisms to speed up. This greenhouse has also protected surface contaminants that tend to travel through air. Clean air can be supplied to the plants that are cultivated. Also greenhouse plants can enjoy the cushion of having protected environment. The greenhouse shields them from all pollutants that are air-borne. The site selection and construction play a major role in the cultivation of crop. The proper aesthetic design can permit clean airflow throughout site. Variety of plants can be grown in greenhouses. Vegetables, fruits, ornamental plants and medicinal plants can be grown in greenhouse.

Vegetable cultivation in greenhouse

Schwen Greenhouse in Winter

Schwen Greenhouse in Winter

Vegetables can be grouped based on their season al growth and harvest periods. There are some plants that throng during the summer season. Some plants would love cold conditions. Summer vegetables like tomato need sufficient sunlight throughout their cultivation period. Proper ripening of fruits can be instituted by optimum sunlight. Presence of excessive moisture can damage the plants. Also the fruits can be damaged by moisture. There are vegetables like radish, broccoli that find winter season as comfortable for them to grow. Their harvest can be scheduled during winter season. So these vegetables can be termed as winter vegetables. Cultivation of vegetables of different kind can be brought under common roof through greenhouse cultivation. Green house cultivation of vegetables needs careful monitoring. Effective care of plants can yield huge turn over at end of cultivation.

Protection from cold

Winter vegetables are morphologically structured to resist low temperatures. But vegetables that grow in summer come under serious damage when the temperature drops below certain level. Winter season takes huge toll on vegetables like tomato. So greenhouse cultivation has employed thermometers at various locations to monitor the temperature change that takes place. One can identify any lowering of temperature through thermometer indication. If any situation occurs what should a cultivator do? This question arises in mind. The answer would be to have heaters to regulate the temperature. Electric heaters are available to take care of any temperature change. One can also use thermal regulators to produce desired temperature as suitable for the crops. This can eliminate excessive damage to surface of leaves through cold conditions prevailing inside the greenhouse. Also some cooling devices are to be installed if the heaters over do their job and produce totally non-conducive environment for plants.

Things to remember for farmers

There are several things that a cultivator should keep in mind before adopting artificial heating to the greenhouse. Excessive heating can be catastrophic for plants. Also one needs to have proper precautionary measures if the temperature reaches beyond the permissible levels. Extreme situations are to be worked out before hand to avoid costly mishaps. The heaters used in greenhouse should be checked periodically for correctness. Also monitoring the behavior of plant’s vegetative part can regulate effective cultivation.

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