How to Grow Button Mushrooms at Your Own Home at Easy with mushroom growing kits

How to Grow Button Mushrooms at Your Own Home at Easy

It is very shocking to think about the considerable number of people who think that process of growing button mushrooms is a hectic task. In reality growing button mushrooms can be a very simple activity. Clear idea about the various techniques and methods that has to be employed to establish the highest quality button mushrooms, this process of growing button mushrooms can become a cakewalk. There is a possibility of growing these button mushrooms without the aid of any mushroom kit or mushroom growing equipments, but the quality of mushroom produced can be significantly increased using various mushroom growing kits and equipments that are available. There should be careful decision that needs to be taken while selecting mushroom growing kit. This decision can mainly be influenced by the type of button mushroom fruit you desire.

Essentials for growing button mushroom

Mushroom Growing Kits

Some of the equipments you will be requiring to grow button mushrooms include tray, compost, water mister, mushroom spawns, spores, newspapers, syringes, and foils. One of the key aspects for increasing the yield and quality of mushroom is to determine inoculation points. The tray to be used for growing button mushroom will be ideal if it is 2 x 3 (length x breadth) inches. Other trays of different dimensions can also be used, but the former dimension will be best suited. The depth of tray shall be anywhere between 6 to 8 inches. The ideal depth will be of 6.5 inches. The tray can be any container or in case you don’t have any container then it can be produced from scrap wood.

Procedure for growing button mushroom

The tray should first be filled with compost that is well rotten. The compost of highest quality should be selected for best results. The compost should be capable of forming a ball like structure when it is pressed with the help of fist. It is also required that the compost should easily be broken when it is being touched with hands. To make possible this kind of compost it is required that water should be uniformly dispersed inside the compost. When the compost is saggy it will not produce good results. Flake of dry spawns measuring about 2 cups should be mixed along with compost to produce loose mixture. Then the loose mixture should be piled up and allowed to be set during overnight. Next day the loose mixture containing spawn and compost should be pressed deep inside the tray. The pressure can be applied either using scrap wood or by other objects that are flat.

Ideal conditions

High Quality Mushroom WallpaperThe mixture should be maintained at sixty five to seventy degree Fahrenheit. Water should be sprayed to this mixture uniformly and pouring of water should be avoided since it will affect the growing process. After two or three weeks white webbing like thing can be seen on the compost. It is necessary to apply peat moss that is moist in condition and form a one and a half inch layer over it. Care should be taken to make sure that peat moss is sufficiently moist to enhance the growth of mushrooms. Now cover the peat moss with many regions of newspapers which is uniformly sprayed with water. Spray water twice daily and maintain the buildup undisturbed for a period of 10 days at fifty five degree Fahrenheit. Remove newspaper after few days and continue to spray them with water. After few days there will be several fruits that will be emerging from a thin white structure that will resemble a thin pin. You can pick the button mushroom fruit when they are small or you can allow them to grow bigger. The mushroom fruits in most cases will emerge every 10 to 15 days for duration of 2 to 7 months.

Button mushroom growing kit

If you feel that the above process is tedious to be undertaken or want the entire process to be accelerated to obtain button mushroom fruit in lesser time then there are number of button mushroom growing kit that will be of great use. Some of the popularly used button mushroom growing kit includes macrodome kit and casing mushroom growing kit. Using these kits even a child could grow mushrooms in a very short period.

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    That's exciting to grow mushroom this way.

  • Jonathan Songore March 12, 2012, 12:22

    That's exciting to grow mushroom this way.

  • Jonathan Songore March 12, 2012, 12:22

    That's exciting to grow mushroom this way.

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