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How To Plant Blooming Roses

The period between November and March is the best for planting the roses. But they could be planted between 15th of October and end of April. Winter isn’t usually suitable for planting because of the hardness of the soil. If planting is done in late April, great care must be taken with watering.
The aforementioned periods of planting is for roses with naked root. Nowadays, another kind of rose sapling which can be planted even midsummer is used.

In both gardening and greenhouses, planting of roses is very important. First, small pits with 60cms of depth and 40cms of width is dug in suitably prepared soil. Then the soil dug is put back into the pit after being mixed with the fertilizer. After this, the preperation of the roses for planting takes place. This is ususally called “root toilet” ( planting trimming ).

Goal of this is to trim the dead and damaged roots. These roots are brown, and when they’re cut, yellow or white/yellow roots are exposed, the new roots growing from this wound-tissue helps the rose to reach into it’s new location. If these roots are put in a mixture of water, clayed soil and fertilizer, the plan will take root much better.

Just like the roots, the tips of the branches should also be trimmed. These steps are especially advised for late plantings. When the roses are prepared, they are placed in the pits without breaking their roots or the plant’s natural state. It must be noted that grafting location should be kept under the soil as well. Then a watering basin is madeand the plant is watered richly.
The roots which are too long can be cut on their tips while trimming.

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