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Types of Irrigation Sprinkler Heads & Their Comparison

Advancements in the field of manufacturing have brought in special devices that can replace conventional irrigation systems. Conventional irrigation involves wastage of water with poor water productivity exhibited. Also these irrigation systems have limited range that can be achieved. Also flexibility in conventional irrigation systems is totally absent. All these have paved way for entry of new type of irrigation system named sprinkler head irrigation systems.

various sprinkler heads picture

various sprinkler heads picture

An overview of irrigation sprinkler heads

Sprinkler heads are component of irrigation systems that tend to irrigate land by sprinkling action. This sprinkling action is achieved by powering water through small nozzles. The irrigation obtained through sprinkler heads is flexible. It can have better reach compared to other irrigation system. Precision machining has also improved the durability of sprinkler heads appreciably making it useful for sufficient duration of time.

Types of sprinkler heads

There are several types of sprinkler heads that are employed to different types of application. The selection of a specific sprinkler head is dependent on the dimensions of the cultivable land.

  • Tripod type sprinklers

Tripod type of sprinklers is present with stand that facilitates the use of sprinklers to be positioned at particular direction. The direction can also be varied by actuating controls of tripod. Mechanical linkages are present to move them manually. The hose or tubing can be attached to the sprinkler head at specific location.

  • Pop up sprinkler heads

Pop up type sprinklers is popular among all the cultivators present all over the world. The water is sprayed to longer distance at particular pressure. Thus longer reach can be achieved. Different types of nozzles are available to cater all the range of land. These are placed on the surface of ground and water supply can be connected to them with suitable hose.

popup spray head for irrigation

popup spray head for irrigation

  • Rotor type sprinklers

Rotor type sprinkler heads are available in commercial market. These rotor sprinklers are used to irrigate all around the land. The reach can be talked based on the angle covered by the heads. Certain designs can have longer reach as well as better angular cover all around the land.

Article Summary:

Sprinkler head irrigation systems can be utilized to irrigate large range of cultivable land. The design of sprinkler heads differs based on the application of irrigation system to particular land. There are different types of sprinkler heads that are employed in regular agricultural practice namely rotor type sprinklers and pop up spray sprinklers.

Summary: This page discusses about usefulness of sprinkler heads in agriculture practice. Irrigation using sprinkler heads are discussed briefly here.

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