Know the various applications of Borescope post image

Know the various applications of Borescope

A borescope is essentially an optical device that has eyepiece on one end of a rid or flexible tube and an objective lens on the other end. The optical system at one end has some optical fibers that are used for illumination of objects that are under scrutiny. The objective lens takes the image of the object under view, and the image is magnified with the eyepiece that offers a clear view. The view taken is used for a variety of purposes including inspection and correction.

Types and advantages of borescopes

This optical device used in a wide range of fields, thanks to the fine advantage of maximizing that this device offers. Borescopes are generally divided into two categories namely:

  1. Flexible-borescopes
  2. Rigid-borescopes

Rigid borescopes are cheaper than the flexible ones and come at a much low cost. The difference between the types lies in the mode of operation. A flexible model has long optical fibers and are used to check objects located inside something. The wires can move freely and help the process. On the other hand, rigid models allow viewing of objects that are in a straight line. Needless to mention, rigid models do have a few limitations.

Uses and utilities revealed

While this optical device is wide used in the aviation and aerospace engineering, there are some extensive uses in agriculture and associated fields, as well. The first use in agriculture lies in soil investigation. Scientists and researchers use the device to estimate many aspects of soil, in regards to properties and farming. This helps in understanding many factors pertaining to land properties. In storehouses and warehouses of food grains, a borescope is used to inspect walls and bricks for insect and mold infestation. In motors, compressors and other agricultural devices, the device is used to check insect ducts. In fact, like all other industries, the borescope is extensively used in security inspections of machines and vehicles.

Other facts about the device

Borescope is particularly popular because it’s a safe device for investigation. The same device when used inside the human body is known as the endoscope. Many governmental and associated bodies use the device for various kinds of monitoring. Since investigations and regulations made through the device are perfectly accurate, changes and measures can be taken within the right time. Borescopes can be bought online from a variety of stores. However, like any other industrial device, the prices are high. There are large sets of specifications for various borescope types, so it’s advisable to check the requirements beforehand.

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