Knowing Earwig Infestation and Pest Control

Earwig is a small insect which is easily identifiable by its claws like rear part. These claws like structure are extremely innocuous and are called pincers. Even though they are harmless to us, they are much of a nuisance to the plants and the herbs that we grow in our backyard. The problem with the earwig is that it reproduces once in every twelve months and if favorable conditions prevail, they can produce up to 6o offspring. If you ever want to exterminate them from your garden or anywhere from the vicinity of your home, then the first thing that you ought to do is to get rid of moist places. The moist places are there breeding grounds.

Habitat sabotage

Before thinking of exterminating earwigs try to sabotage and destroy the habitats of earwigs completely from the vicinity of your home, because once you use chemicals on them and kill most of the earwigs, the remaining earwigs can again reproduce inside their habitat. So, first destroy their habitat and then their whole generation.


Preventing the earwig from camping in and around your home will help in solving most of the problems. To do that you should first try to bring down the light outside your home down, because these nasty little creatures are highly attracted to the bright lights. So, once the sun sets try to reduce the use of artificial lights. Clean the surrounding land because once you are equipped with necessary equipments to apply the insecticide, it will be useful and easy to apply on a plain ground rather than on a bushy mass.


There are times which are best suited to apply insecticides so that the effect is felt, one such season is the summer, to carry out the mission pest control earwigs. Because of the scorching sun the earwigs will come out of their underground nest. Cyper Cp is found by many of the users to be very effective in getting rid of earwigs. The one place where you should apply the insecticide is the foundation of your home. The foundation, most obviously, the moistest place in your home, so there you can get to many earwigs than elsewhere. See that your insecticide was provided with the crevices tool, which will be helpful in applying the insecticide into the crevices of the wall, and also in some gaps. Aerosol is the best form of insecticide because it spreads uniformly and easily even in the smallest of the gaps. Once you apply the insecticide most of the earwigs will die and you should clean them off instantly.

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