Minimizing fertilizer usage using Toro drip irrigation

The major aim of any management occupation is to use minimum effort and minimum products to increase the yield of the goods that are manufactured. This law applies well for the agriculture field also. The agricultural products that are cultivated such as crops, fruits, vegetables, etc, should be cultivated in such a way so that they utilize very minimum amount of water and fertilizers for their growth. This was implemented only after the advent of the Drip irrigation systems, which was marketed by the Toro Drip Irrigation Company. This is the trustworthiest product that any farmer can use. They are completely reliable and are easy to use and are not harmful to the plants that they are used on.

What is Drip irrigation?


Drip irrigation technique is one of the most commonly used and effective technique to conserve water and to provide correct irrigation and equal amount of irrigation of water and other subsidiary products which are necessary for the growth of the crop or fruit or vegetable. There are many varieties of using this irrigation system. We could place some nozzle type arrangements near each plant in the field, which is then connected to a common pipeline, which provides the correct water in the fields. These products help us to wet the regions only near the plants and not all over the field.

How does this prevent soil erosion?

Soil erosion is one of the common problems in the conventional method of irrigation of the plants in the field. Then a large current of water is allowed to flow through the fields, the water ruses and takes all the


nutrients and the loose humus topsoil from the fields. This soil is very important and is very rich in minerals and nutrients that are essential for the growth of the crop. But when the drip irrigation technique is used, a controlled flow of water is achieved. Toro Drip Irrigation can also be useful in controlling the place where the water should be irrigated. This can maintain good humus in the soil, which increases the growth of the plants, and therefore we can achieve a good increase in the plants productivity. Also we can be able to re use the field soon after the harvest is over, as any water does not wash the humus content away. The Toro Drip Irrigation Company uses these types of products in many parts of the world.

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