Organic Cotton Cultivation and Production Guide

Organic Cotton Cultivation and Production Guide

Organic cultivation includes employment of low influence plantation methods to produce quality cotton bolls with improved agricultural methods. Cotton cultivation requires employment of crop rotation techniques in order to retain the nutrients level essential for growth of cotton. Weed management should be also adopted in order to have efficient growth of cotton.

Organic cotton cultivation may yield certain implied level of care to be taken by cultivators. The organic cultivation of crops can be streamlined by certain guidelines levied. Also these guidelines can propagate the organic cultivation of crops from labor dependent to rationally feasible type of cultivation. Organic cotton production includes fulfillment of the entire practice by a recognized certifying organization. Also the nutrient levels to be maintained as prescribed by the standards involving better use of organic fertilizers. There are certain essential cultivation requirements to be fulfilled by the farmers in order to have better growth of cotton crops.  This can be an essential criterion to be meted out by farmers.

Several essential cultivation procedures in organic cotton production

cotton in basket

organic cotton in basket

  • Fertility maintenance techniques

Fertility of soil plays a major role in the cultivation of crops. Planting other crops such as soybeans can maintain the optimum level of nutrients to remain intact. Also the use of organic fertilizers is advisable to make soil to remain unchanged in pH levels. Use of leguminous plants can retain the nitrogen content of soil for long duration of time. Also animal manure is used to promote fertility in soil for efficient growth of cotton.

  • Weed management procedure

Weeds pose greater threat to the growth of cotton crops. Weed management plays a major role in the cotton cultivation. Also it can be deciding factor for the price that is offered to the cotton bolls produced. Flame weeding technique can be employed to initiate better weed management in the cotton cultivation fields. By using sophisticated tools such as precision tillage tools, one can eliminate weeds.

  • Pest control techniques

Pests are generally imposing serious danger to the quality of cotton produced. Also the development of variety of pest control techniques one can initiate better quality of cotton bolls to be produced. Strip cropping can be employed in order to have better pest control over the cotton bolls. Also use of bio-pesticides is recommended to keep away dangerous pests. Some farmers insist using insecticide soaps to prevent pest to certain appreciable levels. This is proved worldwide among all cotton producing countries.

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