Organic Hazelnut Production, Revisited

Organic hazelnut production involves the use of sophisticated agricultural practices to gain better cultivation of crops. Hazelnut is of oval shaped structure with hard shell covered. The overall dimensions of hazelnut would range about 25 mm in length and 15 mm in diameter. These are mainly employed in the production of confectioneries. Also these are ingredients of sweets and food in most of western countries. It satisfies certain essential dietary requirements for people such as vitamin e and dietary fibers. This is cultivated in orchards in some of European countries. Also there are certain considerations to make before going in for actual cultivation of crops. The basic cultivation requirements needed for hazelnut cultivation are given below:

Soil nutrients

Soil plays a major role in the growth of plant. The soil should permit the expansion of roots but it is limited only for about 75 centimeters or more as per characteristics of plant. Also the soil should be capable enough to retain sufficient level of moisture. This moisture content can be deciding factor for development of nuts. The soil should have abundant supply of organic nutrients required for growth of plant in faster pace.

Ambient conditions

Hazelnut plants generally prefer temperate climates. These grow extensively ending up in huge amounts of nuts when grown in moist atmosphere. The overall morphological feature of hazelnut can also permit farmers to grow them in hot regions. But cultivation at these regions can require sufficient level of watering to be carried out in order to yield good number of nuts. Presence of moisture in air can bring about extensive growth of nuts.

Fertilizers used

Farmers present all over world generally prefer organic fertilizers. Since they protect the nature of soil for prolonged period of time. Nitrogen fertilizers are employed to maintain better supply of nitrous compounds for the plant growth. The ph level of about 6 is to be maintained in order to have better growth of nuts. Also size of nuts can be determined by addition of added nutrients such as phosphorous.

Article Summary: Organic hazel cultivation has demanding requirements to be fulfilled by the cultivators in order to have better growth. Size and quality of seed depends on the several influencing factors such as climatic conditions, fertilizers used and plantation procedure adopted. Planned cultivation can amplify the returns to cultivator in appreciable manner. Recent hazelnut production practices are described in this forum.

This forum supplies vital information regarding organic hazelnut production. Tips in production of hazelnut are also discussed here. One can feel free to look for more information on this topic at Recent agricultural practices employed in hazelnut production are also discussed quite briefly.

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