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Organic Warfare — More On Organic Pest Control (Part 3)

Now that we’ve covered Cultural Measures, in our latest installment, we’ll be detailing the Mechanical War against pests, which is one of the oldest ideas when dealing with bugs – stepping on them, or letting machines step on them.

For instance, you can deal with some of the ivy locust types by cutting off the branches they have laid more than 100 eggs on — and when the eggs become pink, leave them under the sun since drying the branch will kill the eggs. You can then collect the mature locusts in the morning by hand as they won’t be active. Remember that it takes five years for a locust nymph to mature, so this method will only be effective if done for five years or more.

To protect fruit trees from brown-tails, you can cut off and take their winter nests away from the garden. Apple Aphids will stay in colonies on the branches and shoots of an apple tree and then you can easily dispose of theme by killing them with your hands or a metal brush.  By sticking wires into their galleries inside the trunk, you can lessen the population of the various kinds of worms that live inside the fruit trees.

Epicometis Hirta, a common problem in peach productionn will be immobile in the early hours of the morning. You can lay sheets under the trees and shake them. The beetles won’t be able to hang on, and then you can easily destroy the insects collected in this manner. You can also put half-filled blue buckets under the trees. The beetles will be attracted to the color blue, they will fall into the water, and then you can collect them with ease.

Most granary pests can be destroyed using a machine called an “Entoleter”. This works by pouring the grain on top of a very fast spinning wheel – the bugs won’t be able to stay on the wheel, and instead will hit the interior walls of the machine and die.

As you can see, insects that live in groups can be easily destroyed by cutting off the branch they live on and burning it.  This is a very effective solution for these kind of pests. You can even collect infested fruit and bury it in the ground. If you can see the bugs, crushing them by hand can be a very effective solution for your organic garden. See you soon with part 4 of this series!

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  • Timberclick July 1, 2011, 09:38

    Very interesting read, pests are a problem when growing your own vegetables, some great tips here, kept me reading, thanks for sharing!

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