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Planting Citrus Trees — Where, When and How?

The best young citrus tree is the one with 4 or 5 years old roots, and it is well grown, healthy and strong. Only the best young citrus trees must be bought as it’s effect on production is great. The best time to plant these is spring, from the end of March to the start of May as the trees planted early will grow and be more resistant to the cold winter. But if cold isn’t an issue, autumn is just as well. While planting your citrus trees, the roots must not be exposed to the sun or the wind for too long because they are very sensitive, they wither and die very quickly. For this reason the trees are uprooted without clearing the soil from the roots and sold in plastic containers with their roots in soil as well.

Planted Citrus Tree

Planted Citrus Tree

But if the tree is completely removed from the soil, they should be kept in moist chests or straw and if they aren’t going to be planted very soon, it’s best to temporarily cover their roots with soil and water them, without exposing the trees to direct sunlight. While transporting young citrus trees, pluck all the leaves and never leave the young trees in the water to keep them alive.

A Florida Citrus

A Florida Citrus

They are not to be planted too deep !

Young citrus trees should be planted in holes you’ve prepared earlier, and watered as soon as possible. They are not to be planted too deep, it’s best to plant them too close to the surface then planting them too deep. The grafted zone must be entirely out of the earth. A water basin of around 120 centimeters diameter should be dug around the tree and filled with water, and the soil must be monitored to keep it from being too dry. For the first few years trimming too much should be avoided to let the tree grow strong branches and fruits must be plucked before they grow too much so the branches don’t break under the weight.

Citrus Tree Wallpaper 2304x1728

Citrus Tree Wallpaper 2304x1728

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