Radish & its Health benefits

Radish & its Health benefits

Radish is one of the edible vegetable and it is grown throughout the world. The vegetable provides us with a lot of nutritional values. The biological name of radish is Raphanus sativus and it belongs to the family of Brassicaceae. The biological name of the plant means that it is quickly appearing and so the plant is very easy to grow. There are many varieties of radish that are grown. There are winter varieties that are very common. The black Spanish radish is one of the very common varieties of radish that is grown. This comes in a round form or as an elongated form.

Health Benefits of Radish

They are also sometimes called as the black radish. This is very commonly found in the European countries. The vegetable is pear shaped and has a white flesh inside. This grows to around four inches in diameter. There are also other varieties of radish which includes the Chinese radish, Japanese radish and the Oriental radish. But all these refer to the same type of radish and it is given different names in different places. In general, it is mostly referred to as the Daikon. There are also a number of varieties of Daikon that are known.

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This vegetable is very much suited for the winter storage. The vegetable usually provides a bitter flavor in the cuisines. The most surprising fact is that the vegetable seeds are used in making oil. Egyptians are known for making oil out of the radish seeds. There are a lot of medicinal properties that can be seen in the vegetable. This vegetable is abundant in Vitamin C which is very useful for fighting against infections. The vegetable also contains sulphur and vitamins B. There are also a number of chemicals that is found in the vegetable. This plays very important part in digestion. There are also number of anti bacterials that are found in the vegetable. The juice of radish is found to treat cough. While buying the vegetable you must make sure that the vegetable is not too soft or it should also not be wrinkled. The radish that you buy must be firm and juicy. The storage is very simple in the case of the radish. You have to store the vegetable in a cool and a dry place. You can keep the vegetable for nearly one month. Since the vegetable has a lot of medicinal and nutritive properties, it will be beneficent to include in your daily diet.

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