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Rose Problems — Blind Shoots

This situation occurs when the rose stem remains vegetative and grows leaves instead of flowers. More light intensity helps with this problem. When temperature and light intensity are increased, this problem diminishes, down to 15%. Otherwise it is up to 40%.

While higher temperatures help, if it is hotter than 21 degrees, the problem starts happening again. Also, the difference in temperature in day and night should be kept to a minimum.

Bad trimming also adds to blind shooting too.

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  • Kumar November 28, 2010, 22:08

    Hi.. i have this problem with one of my rose plants. And i think the above response is the reason for the problem in my plant. This rose plant was once healthy until i started pruning it and all the long stems began to dry out. So i had to trim all of the branches until no healthy branch was left out. Finally one shoot started emerging from the base of the woody stem and i was happy but it remained without any blooms. Multiple shoots came from that one shoot but all were healthy leaves without any blooms. Care should be taken while pruning not to result in drying out of the stems.

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