Safflower Cultivation

Flowers are basically divided into two types

  1. Beneficial flowers
  2. Non-beneficial flowers.

Safflower comes under the beneficial flowers because it provides numerous resources to the human being. More number of products could be extracted from safflower. The non-beneficial flowers are nothing but the flowers, which is only used for the decorative purpose. The products extracted from the safflower are unique in nature. Safflower cultivation is generally in less number through out the world. Only some of the countries show interest on safflower cultivation.

Growth rate:

Safflower Picture

Safflower is highly cultivated in Asian countries especially in India. India is a suitable place for cultivating the safflower because of optimum temperature. In India nearly 2000 million kilogram of safflowers are growing in 0.43 million hectares. In an average each hectare produces 500 kilogram of safflower.


Even though safflower is considered as beneficial flowers it can be used for decorative purpose also because the color of the flower attracts everyone. Normally flower should come in reddish, yellow and orange color. Out of these three flowers, red color is more common. The height of the safflower plant comes around 250 to 1500mm. The flowers are very smooth and shiny and it yields attraction to the people.

Medicinal value:

Another safflower picture

The major content of safflower oil is lenoleic acid. It is a type of fatty acids in unsaturated condition. So this acid plays a crucial role in cholesterol problems. It is a must to remove the unwanted fatty acids in human body but it is not easy to remove the unwanted fatty acid suddenly. But the safflower oil removes the fatty acids drastically compared with all other oils. That’s why most of the doctors and scientist prefer safflower oil for the cholesterol problem. If unwanted fatty acids accumulate in blood vessels then flow of blood through vessels are restricted. So blood is circulated only in certain loops, all other area might not get blood supply. If blood doesn’t reach entire part of the body then parts become non-functional one. This safflower oil reduces the content of the unwanted fatty acid, which is accumulated in the blood vessels. So it makes way for some free transfer of bloods to all parts of the body.


Though it contain enormous products in it, but it takes more time to harvest. Nearly 4 month is required for the safflower harvesting. The following are the important products, which is extracted from the safflower. Safflower paint produces a shiny surface and wall looks double coated. The thickness of the coating looks high because of unsaturated fatty acids. Safflower pigment is also used in various dye producing companies, because it produces a fluorescent color, which is normally unavailable. Safflower pigment is also available in powder form.

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