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Significant Factors Affecting Thirst

Thirst is a biological response of human body that is created to replenish the lost fluids in the human body. This is an important response of human body that will ensure that there is sufficient level of fluids for proper functioning of human body. The definition of thirst is sensation of dryness that occurs in the throat and mouth region to fulfill additional fluid requirement of human body. There are several factors that affect thirst such as ambient temperature, exercising regime, nature of work and many more.

Ambient temperature


If ambient temperature of a particular region is greater, there will be more level of sweat that will be produced by human body. The process of dehydration will take place due to this effect and thus there is a need to replenish all kinds of lost fluids. The natural mechanism of human body makes throat drier and there is more liking that will be shown by a person towards fluid intake. Thus the person will be stimulated to drink water or any other kind of fluid that will quench his or her thirst.

Exercising regime or physical workout

People who involve in gym workouts will be sweating in rapid manner and there will be decrease in fluid level in body. There is also an interesting phenomenon in which the person will prefer different fluids during workout when compared to normal intake. During workout, there will be more liking towards fluid that will be less sweetened than it is consumed during normal period. Since the body will be hated up during exercising process, there will be greater level of evaporation of sweat that will be providing good level of cooling. Further, the loss of water and other fluids through sweat will trigger a natural response to consume more fluid through thirst process.

Clothing style

The way in which the person dresses up will also influence thirst pattern. Clothes that traps sweat in their material will lead to lesser evaporation of sweat and thus there will be less cooling action that will be taking place since rate of evaporation of sweat had direct influence on cooling effect. Greater the amount of evaporation of sweat, there will be more amount of cooling the will be provided to human body. Thus it will be incorrect to assume that person whose clothes are logged with sweat is wearing the appropriate dress.

Response for need of cooling or heating

When the body gets heated up or cooled down, there will be natural human mechanism to trigger an action that will be generating thirst. If you are body is cooled down, it will be essential to intake some hot fluids that will be regulating the body temperature. Similarly, there will be need for cooler water to bring down the temperature level. The throat that becomes dry should be supplied with fluid to obtain normal feel.

Biological factors that affects thirst

When we have a closer look at the biological mechanism that result in production of thirst, it can be noted that whenever there is rise in plasma osmality level by 2 or 3 percent, there will be thirst sensation that will be triggered. If the blood volume of the human body gets reduced by 10 percent, this will also be causing sensation of thirst in human body. Another reason that will be causing thirst is when there is any kind of stimulation that will be raised from fluid you like to consume.

Thus the above factors will be playing an important role in creation of sensation of dryness in throat that will be causing thirst. Understanding this concept will be of good use in various kinds of purposes such as athletic behavior, nature of work, energy, stamina and many more.

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