Soil Conditions For Potato Growing

Soil Conditions For Potato Growing

The potato belonging to the Solanaceae family is a tuberous crop which is starchy in nature.
The botanical name of the potato is Solanum tuberosum. The name potato refers to the edible
rhizome or else the plant itself. The potato in the present world is a part of the world cuisine. It is included in almost all the types of the cuisine. This is the fourth largest cultivated crop after maize, rice and wheat. If you want to store potato for a longer period of time, then you need to take extra care by storing it in the cold ware houses. The potato has a light skin which is brown or yellow in color. The inner side of the potato contains the pale flesh. As you all might know, the potato is an important source of food for people of different cultures. They contain about 100 calories and it can weigh anywhere between 6 & 9 ounces. The potato also has a high nutritive value. They consist of nearly 80 percent water and the remaining of the solid matter. It is very rich in protein and it also has a high amount of starch. There are also some of the important vitamins that are found in the vegetables which includes thiamin, riboflavin, niacin and the
vitamin C. the minerals that are present in the vegetable include sodium, iron, calcium, sulfur,
potassium, phosphorous and magnesium.

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The history of the vegetable can be said that it was originally grown in South America and it
was the English explorers who introduced the vegetable in the European countries. There was
a special type of bread that was baked from the vegetable. The Irish potatoes were famous
throughout the world as it was the principal crop of the country. Now with this history of the
vegetable we will see the type of soil that will be required to grow the vegetable. So if you are
planning to grow the vegetable in your garden then there are some of the tips given below. Hope this would be of great help to you.

The first thing that you must consider which growing potatoes is that a bright sunny place.
They are also the aggressively rooted plants. They need well drained, loose but moisture soil.
Adequate amount of light should also enter the place. You may also need an acidic soil of pH
nearly 5.5 to 6.8. The good thing about the plant is that they are very much adaptable even if the
soil conditions are not perfect.

Red Soil

Red Soil

The perfect temperature for the plant is 55 to 65 degree F. even if you had planted at an early temperature, they would not start growing until the soil temperature comes to 45 degree F. the soil must neither be soggy nor wet, rather it must be moist evenly.

Care must also be taken to see that the soil is not water clogged. If it is, then there can rot too.
So if the soil is perfect with the right amount of moisture and if the plant is exposed to the right
temperature with adequate lighting then this can yield a greater amount of vegetable than you

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