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The Harmful Effects of Erosion

The primary goal in agriculture is the increase and continuity of production. To achieve this; the latest developments in machinery and equipment must be followed, the correct fertilizer must be used and effective pest and disease control measures must be taken. But the correct usage of soil is the most important factor in production. Exploitation of soil, devastation of pastures and forests to create more farmlands, lead to erosion, which is also known as “the cancer of soil.”

Here are some of the harmful effects of erosion:

  • The farmlands become unproductive or entirely barren. The agricultural output of these regions won’t be able to feed the population, and this will cause immigration which is an important cultural and economic problem.
  • As the pastures disappear, raising livestock becomes harder and harder. The income and job vacancies drop. The disappearance of vegetation causes avalanches, landslides and floods.
  • The soil carried by erosion fills the artificial lakes, lowering their economic lifetime.
  • Land without soil and vegetation isn’t able to absorb rain and snow and natural water sources can’t replenish themselves.
  • Loss of soil and vegetation causes climate changes, the ecologic balance becomes disturbed and large amounts of natural resources are also lost.
  • Thousands of years are required for the recreation of the lost soil.

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  • nick January 30, 2011, 04:42

    what is the effect of erosion, is that in above?

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