The Importance of Taking Care of Soil‏ post image

The Importance of Taking Care of Soil‏

Soil, is a living thing. Like all living things, it needs air, moisture and warmth. If we don’t work on it with correct techniques, we can’t harvest as much as we’d like, we only get as much as it’s able to give. If we process our soil properly we will provide moisture, ventilation and warmth which is a good environment for the growth of plant root systems.

Soil Food Web

Soil Food Web

The goals of soil processing is:

  • Preparation of seedbeds.
  • Weed control.
  • Removal of foreign objects on the surface and making sure manure is mixed correctly with the soil.
  • Preparation of field for watering and control of erosion.

It is a common misconception in our country that more plowing leads to more production. The farmers even become proud when they plow their fields two or three times each season. But scientific research shows too much processing actually hurts the soil. It is bad for yield and production costs. The soil must be worked on just as much as it requires, not too little, not too much.

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