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Vegetable Growing in Greenhouse During Winter

In winter season the climate other than the equatorial and temperate regions are very severe that growing vegetables are almost impossible in that temperature. For this it reasons all the houses situated in that region have a greenhouse adjacent to their house. Greenhouse is a small building where the temperature is made to be higher than the surroundings and it is used to cultivate the plants.

Principle of Working

In ordinary greenhouse the heating element is the sun where the temperature is increased in the greenhouse by trapping the sunlight inside the greenhouse. This is done with the help of inclined glass rooftops in the greenhouse. As the glass sheets are inclined they make the heat rays to go into them and when they return to them after reflecting they come and fall on the glass due to total internal reflection the heat rays are reflected a no of times thus by causing the increased temperature in the greenhouse. In the case of climate controllers provided it is capable of providing a temperature of 70 degree Celsius when the outside temperature is as low as 0 degrees. This is only done by the best internal design of the greenhouse.

Quality and Quantity

In considering the production rate and quality of the vegetables grown in the greenhouse with the vegetables that are grown in the field, the vegetables that are grown in the greenhouse are as good as the ones that are grown in the field. To say the truth the greenhouse vegetables are better then those vegetables that are grown in the field due to the reason that they are grown in a controlled environment where as there counter parts are prone to drastic temperature variations. The production rate in the greenhouse is larger than the field because the wastage is minimal in the case of greenhouse where as the field there is a equal chance weeds getting grown along with a higher probability of attack from the pests.

Cost Involved



The cost involved in growing the vegetables in the greenhouse is slightly higher than the field. But the quality of the vegetables got is high and even. This make the manufactures to incur with the greenhouse cost excess.

The vegetable growth in the greenhouse is accompanied with its own pros and cons. The principle involved in the greenhouse is controlled environment in addition with trapping of sunlight. The production rate and the quality associated with the vegetables in the greenhouse are high compared to their counter parts. Though the cost involved is high it is bearable.

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