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Importance of Water in Agriculture

Research shows almost %70 of all water consumption consists of watering. In our country, %75 of yearly usable 110 billions cubic meters of water is used in agriculture. The coming years will lead to more consumption with greater needs to feed the growing population.

water in agriculture

Korea Boseong Greentea Garden

The ignorant and primitive watering not only wastes water but also damages the soil. Drip irrigation prevents both unnecessary use of water and soil damage while providing the plants with just enough water.

Natural Enemy of Salt

Watering done in random intervals in hot climates with little rain to improve the production, leave the salt in the field. It will also raise the sub surface water levels and the salt they contain. When the waters vaporise through the intense heat, leaves the salt in the soil. Salt prevents efficient production. Even good quality water leaves 1.1 tonnes of salt in 10 acres of land in such conditions.

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  • cagliari August 4, 2009, 22:53

    Some researches imply that ; with the growing population and careless usage of water in the world, there will be no clean natural water to drink for the next generation,for our children. With the technological improvements, people may find some ways to create drinking water from sea water or some other water sources which is not suitable for drinking but these can never take the place of natural spring water, coming from mountains (also think about the undeveloped countries, lacking technology will mean lacking water for them). Techniques which prevents wasting of the water should not be understimated, thanks for the authors of this site who writes articles about that serious problem, you are not alone on this way!!

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