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What to Do if Your Irrigation System Springs a Leak ?

Often you don’t realize that you have a leak in your irrigation system until you get your water bill which has an astronomical amount to be paid. If you have a water metre, then first of all check the metre reading to ascertain whether or not the water consumption is as charged on your bill. If it is then you need to either hire a professional or deal with at least part of the problem yourself. If you can track down the leak then the professional won’t waste time doing that part of the job and you won’t be presented with as hefty a bill as if the professional had to do this fro him or herself. A link for Leak detection irrigation sytems.

Make sure All Water Outlets Leak Detection 

water leak detection how to find

water leak detection how to find

First of all make sure that all water outlets such as taps or faucets are turned off and look at the low flow leak detector wheel on the metre, in order to see if water is still flowing. If it is then you will have to check where the water is leaking from. If it is outside, then look for especially lush areas of grass and soggy ground. This may mean that a pipe has burst underground, perhaps because of severe frost or an earthquake.
Don’t despair though, but check that all spray heads above ground are not leaking, and if you have plastic pipes above ground, check that they haven’t been chewed or otherwise broken by wildlife or domestic grazing animals.



Whether you have a high pressure sprinkler system or a micro irrigation system, there is always the possibility of having a leak. To find a leak below ground you will need an rod of some kind that has a cushioned end so that you do not inadvertently break the pipe in an attempt to find the leak. You could use and iron rod with a ball-bearing soldered onto one end, for example for this purpose. Walk along the pipeline if you know where it is and find a soggy patch. Push the rod down and if it foes into what should be solid ground easily then you have located the leak. You will then need to dig a trench wide and deep enough for you to work with the pipe easily and buy a repair or dresser coupling to attach to both ends of the split pipe. This can be done relatively easily and you won’t need a professional to do the job.
You will need a hacksaw to cut through the pipe or if the pipes are plastic, you will need pipe-cutters. You may also need a length of pipe depending on the size of the broken piece. For this you will need a sealant and will have to give it time to bond before using the system.
There are detectors to make it easier to detect leaks, but these are expensive although you could recoup the money by hiring the equipment out to others experiencing the same problems. You could set up your own leak detection business, but you are probably only interested in fixing your own leak.Look for leak detection repair.

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