Whitefly Pests

Whitefly pests are one of the major killers of tomato plant. Knowing about the lifecycle and growth of this pest will be of great use in preventing the outbreak of this pest attack. This pest creates one of the biggest problems in greenhouse. There are several methods that are available to control this pest. Some of the methods such as biological control programs are more effective in controlling the growth of pests in plants. The introduction of natural enemies will be of great use in decreasing the population of whitefly pests or even completely eradicate the population. There is detailed information about various aspects of this pest such as area of growth, damaging capability. Information about control of this pest is presented.

Growth of whitefly

Whitefly most commonly occurs in tomato plants. The adult pests can be found in the bottom portion of the leaves that occurs in the tip of the plants. The adult pests will cause more level of damage. They will also reproduce at faster rate. This will cause more amounts of pests to be developed in a rapid manner. The young and immature whitefly pests can be identified in the middle portion of the plants. One of the important traits of this pest is that they will be able to resist pesticide introduction. The waxy outer layer that will be present outside egg will provide protection from pesticides. It is essential to depend upon other sources such as natural enemies for the purpose of pest control.

Biological method of controlling whitefly

White flies on leaf

Since whitefly shows increased level of resistance towards pests, it is essential to identify a method that will cause greater controlling effects. The introduction of natural enemies such as wasps has been successful in controlling the growth of pests. Encarsia can be used successfully in combination with certain pesticides to make sure there will be complete destruction of pests that occurs in the plants. The pesticide that is being used along with natural enemies should be selected in such a manner they will not cause any destruction to the biological population of insects. Another important requirement for effective pest control using insects is that the rate of reproduction of insects should be more than that of pests. The timing of release of insects plays a vital role in control of pests. Thus, information about whitefly will be of good use in acquiring effective pest control.

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