Winter Organic Vegetable Growing and Production Improvement

The production of vegetables is largely altered when considering in the summer and winter. The production rate is much higher than what we get in the winter. This is of the usual scenario till last year. But there is appreciable growth in the current production year.

Reason for low production :

During winter seasons the climate in the area nearly drops to 0 degrees. This temperature is not suited for the vegetables that are grown in the area. The climate will retard the growth of the plant causing it give a low production rate. The vegetables water content gets frozen due to the cold temperature and this will cause the dying of plants and in some cases change in the chemical composition too. This is the main reason felt with the plants in the cold region by the vegetable farmers.

Steps to improve it:

The conventional process taken to overcome this difficulty faced by the farmers is by making use of the greenhouse climate to them. The greenhouse is a place where the whole room covered with the glasses so it will trap the sunlight in the room and cause a high temperature in the room than the surrounding to make the plants to grow fine as they grow in the summer. The plants also are easy to maintain in a closed atmosphere. The pest control is of a easy task over these areas. Then about considering the watering and other phenomenon more controlled environment can be provided to the plants grown in these areas. The growing rate can be improved in these plants by the usage of straw bales in the process. It is the wheat straw that are used often in their process.

Production Maintenance:

The production rate improvement can most significantly maintained by the use of more conventional implementation of the production laws. The first thing is removal of wastages, which can be achieved in the vegetables by eliminating the occurrence of defects in the vegetables. So the pest control and proper fertilizers has to be provided to the plants. In addition to it the transport defects has to mean and the necessary steps has to be taken to avoid it. The vegetable automation can be implemented to improve the production rate by reducing its ideal time. The periodic growth has to be improved by the use of inducers and catalyst to the on going process in the plants.

The production rate of vegetables in winter is very less. Shifting from the conventional growing process and using the greenhouse growing can improvise this. Then by using the production laws the rate of failure occurrence can be minimized. The other thing that has to be done is use the current technologies available.

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