With Organic Pest Control in Your Garden, You Are the Boss!

Be the boss in your own garden. Get rid of those filthy, disgusting pests eating your plants to death. Rule them out the best way possible. And, as universally understood, organic pest control is the answer. Why?

First, chemicals are not wisest solution. Results they offer for your plants are not that awesome, not if you compare them to its true impacts. In long term you gradually add toxin to your plants, to the environment, to your neighborhood, to your family and—of course—to your own health. Use the organic pest control to avoid this kind of collateral damage.

Second, chemicals are often bad for your gardening budget!

Adjust your mindset. Change your gardening habits. Organic pest control is simple and easy once you know its tricks. Here are some ideas:

  • Plan your planting carefully. Choose right time to plant the right crops. Rotate them over seasons. This way you can avoid bug season.
  • Know your enemies well to recognize their weaknesses. Take some time to learn what kinds of bug and pest commonly attack each plant. Find the best strategies, ask the local nurseries.
  • Invite and keep as many natural predators as you can get in your garden. Your enemies’ enemies are your best allies. Lady bugs, ground beetles, birds, fungi and moss—befriend with them.
  • Always use rich soil. Its nutrients will strengthen your plants and empower them to fight the pests.
  • Use home-made compost. Kitchen trash, such as vegetable scraps, will do just fine.
  • Pick pests-resistant, native species seeds. These kinds of seed are simpler to handle. They have natural immune system and balanced relationship with other plants and animals in your garden.
  • Prune your plants regularly, accordingly to each plant’s nature. Never let them overly suck the nutrients out of soil. The healthier your plants are, the more resistant they are to pests.
  • Write a journal on your gardening. Watch your garden carefully and take a note on everything you can find on the incoming pests. If you cannot find any information about their specific organic controlling technique, do some experiment until you find the best one. Write the newly found technique in your journal so that you have your own information database to be used any time needed.

Do these simple tricks. Be patience. It takes time and some try-outs before you can get rid of most or all pests out of your garden. In the end, you will realize that organic pest control is the best way to do it.

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