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Cabbage Pest Control; Problems and the Remedies

All of us irrespective of the continent we live irrespective of the country we live there are many common things between us. One such thing is the vegetables we eat. The most common vegetable of all time is the cabbage. Cabbage has a long history associated with it. The most common color of the cabbage is the green color. But in many cases the color of the cabbage is in red or white. The vegetable is usually has a small stem and the leaves rotate and arrange themselves into a state of rounded flower. The plant belongs to the family Brassica and they belong to the species oleracea. The plant is usually called as the head cabbage. It is also known as the castok.

cabbage pests on leaf

cabbage pests on leaf

Problems faced in its cultivation:

The main problem associated with the cabbage cultivation and selling is the diseases it gets and the pests which disturb them. The black stem is the most common disease found in the cabbage. This disease is caused by a fungus. This also causes lesions on the walls of the cabbage along with sunken of the stem. The other major and most common problem faced is by the pests and worms. There are three types of worms that cause a destructive effect on the plant. They are imported cabbage worm, cabbage web worm and cut worm. These worms come and form on the developing cabbages as larva and develop here into a worm and then eat the cabbages. Other major infector is the cabbage fly. They usually attack the root part of the plant. There are also snakes that are seen in these areas. They are known as the cabbage snake. There is also a wide variety of attack over the cabbage family. The major attackers are only said here. There are 127 diseases that are possibly felt on the cabbage. And there are 12719 species of insect that will feed on the cabbage and are capable of causing damage to the plant. There are more than ten million families which feed only on the amount earned from the cabbage farming and selling. These pests would cause a major disaster if the problem is not seen.

caterpillar pest on cabbage

caterpillar pest on cabbage


The only remedy for this problem is to go in for the cabbage pest control treatments. These pest control sprays are more specific in their action. So the spray that to be used has to deal with all their problems and also must take care of the factor of not harming the plants. So a combinational usage of the pest control sprays is used.

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  • Jerome Beebee November 15, 2009, 23:17


    I work for a charity called the Paynter home for the children and we have a small farm and i found the Agriculture guide very helpfull keep up the good work you are doing and hope we have a world with out hunger in the future.

    Jerome Beebee

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    Gemunu Mawather,

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    Sri Lanka.

  • Ben Chula January 24, 2010, 06:49

    Cabbage is one of the best ingredients I’ve known for salad and this helped me a lot especially in understanding how it is being grown. I didn’t actually know how hard it is to grow cabbage, and I realized it’s not easy. I am not aware even on how cabbage reacts on herbicides but I’ve heard of a current study regarding cabbages and genetically modifying it to become immune to diseases and -cides…

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