Growing and stock farming of cherry and berry

Growing and stock farming of cherry and berry

Cherries are greatly liked by many people due to wonderful taste and this is one of the most popular fruits. These fruits are so tasty to an extent the biggest problem will be to protect these fruits from birds. Cherries fruit comes in two forms, sweet and sour variety. The sweet cherries have to be consumed in a fresh manner. The sour cherries can be used in many areas such as baking. The fruit can be treated and stored for long term usage. Growing sour cherries is an easy process and various steps that are involved in this process are illustrated. Another useful fruit that can be easily grown in home garden is berry and various tips that will be of good use in growing best quality berry are described below.

Growing sour cherries

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The sour cherries can be propagated with the help of pits or seeds that are present in the center portion of this fruit. When these seeds are spread over the garden, they will start to grow in the following year. There are also many people who are buying small plants from local nurseries that will be supplying plants of 4 to 8 feet in height. These plants will show good tendency to adapt to the garden condition in your home since they have been bought from local area. There will also be another added advantage of being able to harvest fruits one year earlier than usual. These plants can be planted during last days of fall or spring will be much better option. It is also possible to graft these plants with another fruit trees.

Growing conditions for sour cherry

These plants will show good growth in fertile soil and requires sunny location. Make sure you plant these saplings in a place that will be receiving adequate level of sunshine. Well drained soil that will be having good supply of nutrients will be of good use. The soil selected should be rich in humus such that it will be supplying all essential nutrients to soil. Care should be taken to ensure that there is no water logging of soil since it will damage the development and growth of plant.

Transplanting saplings into garden

The saplings will mostly be contained in a bio degradable material that will be made up of heavy peat. You have to dig a hole that will be thrice the dimension of root ball of the saplings. The saplings shall be placed as it is inside the hole and covered. The peat material will decompose and roots will be acquiring contact with the garden soil. If the saplings are present inside plastic container, it is essential to cut down the plastic and then transplant the plant. Deep watering is essential to ensure that all parts of roots will be exposed with water. In windy areas, it will be of good use to stake the trees to make it grow straighter.

Pruning sour cherry

Cherry Morello

Like any other fruit plant, pruning is an essential process to acquire proper growth and development of tree. Prune all unhealthy and dried branches every year during the early spring period. It will also be a good idea to prune bushy regions of the plant since it will be of great use in increasing the sunlight penetration and air penetration.

Growing berries

Berries are delicious tasting fruits and there are wide varieties of berry fruits that are available such as blueberries, raspberries and many more. These plants are very easy to grow in home garden but require good level of maintenance to produce sweet tasting fruits that will be a high quality product.

Perfect condition to grow berries

Berries require good amount of sun and it can be very well said that the quantity of fruits that are being produced will increase with higher sunlight especially in cooler regions. It will be a better choice to plant these plants in a sloppy region that will be draining away cooler air from vicinity of plant.

Soil conditions

The soil should be till in a good manner and there should be uniform bed of soil that should be provided. Well drained soil with appropriate pH level will be promoting the growth of plant. The ideal Ph level for this plant is 6.0 but the plant will be doing fine in any pH level on the range pf 5.5 to 7.0

Setting up plants

You can buy plants from reputed local nurseries and dig the saplings to the same depth as it was present in the pot. The plants will be adapting in an easy manner. Application of thick layer of organic mulch will be of good use since it can supply essential nutrients to the plant. Pruning of plants can be done in same manner as it done for cherry plants.

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