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Suggested Methods of Irrigation for Fruit Trees

Agriculture field has envisaged several progresses in recent years. One can validate those progresses from the output of cultivable land in some part of world. In countries like Australia, due to hot climate it is possible to raise certain type of nuts. Hazelnuts can be cultivated in these regions. Some of fruit tress can be cultivated in European countries. Fruit trees such as apples can be cultivated in hilly regions. Though the climatic conditions and product after cultivation differs, the common thing that binds all crops is irrigation. The irrigation fruit trees are considered to be challenging task for cultivators. Since different tree crop require different watering amount, it complicates the issue of irrigation. But irrigation of fruit tress can be done by certain qualified methods.

Fruit trees cultivation

small dripper picture

small dripper image

Fruit trees can be cultivated in different landscapes. The agricultural practices have shown that fruit trees cultivation involve large amount of time to make the crop earn fruits in large number. Based on the techniques employed in science and technology, one can develop hybrid crops that fruits in short interval of time. Also one can be sure about the type of irrigation that is to be employed based on the type of crop cultivated. Generally cultivation of fruits such as oranges and other citrus fruits are done in places where cool atmosphere is maintained through some 3 or 4 months in a year.

How to irrigate fruit trees

Generally fruits are cultivated in orchards. These orchards are generally irrigated by drip irrigation and sprinklers that tend to provide massive supply of water with better range in short duration of time. Fruit trees can be irrigated based on the shape and size of the land that is used for cultivation. Some of major irrigation systems employed for cultivation involve furrow irrigation. The furrow irrigation can be employed to facilitate increased supply of the water to tree crops that are placed along the channels. Also some fruit trees require only optimum range of moisture content to be maintained upon. Hence drip irrigation can be employed.

Article Summary:

Irrigation of fruit trees is generally dependent on the water productivity that can be achieved through the crops. The water productivity of different crop varies. Accordingly type of irrigation employed can differ from furrow irrigation to sprinkler irrigation. Based on water supplies available in a particular location, cultivation of fruit tree can be instituted. In difficult terrains, channels are made to irrigate fruit crops.

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